Friday, September 28, 2012

This is not the retrogarde but an end to stagnation.

So it begins.

Meta-Verist Manifesto

We are not philosophers. Our work is not surreal. Our work is ultra real. We are the Meta-Verists, the Neo-Futurists, we have no need for the esoteric contrivances which are the vestments of the pseudo intellectual pedagogues of the art world. Our work, our art is not that of the lie but the truth that our world is made of lies. These works are the substantive metaphor of our artistic ideas, without the heady pretense of over implication of contrived meaning. Our work is at once original and informed by the established values of prior generations. This work is not exclusive of the majority and the archetypes within it are reflected in parallel. Intellect is not exclusive, art is for all...

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